Inis Oìrr

Yesterday, after almost 6 year I’ve move to Galway I went to the Aran Island. We went to Inis Oìrr. The trip was fine apart two small issues. One is that at Ros a Mhil Pier it was not clear were we had to go to board. In my opinion they should put in place some signal to guide people to the right queue and avoid useless requests to crew. The other one, a life guard, who was travelling to the island, was not wearing his face mask until my wife looked at him so badly he put it on.

My First Post

Welcome to my new blog, this is still an experiment to use a static site generator to manage my blog. My first blog was composed by HTML files parsed by a bash script and uploaded on the web site where I had a directory, so it’s like getting back to the old days.